Coverdale WWI Veterans Remembered

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By the Middleham and Dales Local History Group
Edited by Val Slater

A Roll of Honour in Coverdale Memorial Hall commemorates local men who served in the First World War. But who were the people behind the names? As time passes and memories fade, we are in danger of forgetting the men who left a peaceful life in the dale, often to encounter dreadful horrors in war. The vast majority returned to pick up their lives as best they could – rarely speaking about their experiences. What happened to them next?

With help from family members we have put together profiles of our WWI Veterans. It’s a privilege to bring you their stories.

Please enjoy, reflect and remember.

‘All we have of freedom, all we use or know,
This our fathers bought for us long ago."
Rudyard Kipling

Proceeds from this book are going to The Red Cross

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Middleham and Dales Local History Group, edited by Val Slater






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