Downstream Dorset

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Explore Dorset's Rich Waterways with "Downstream Dorset" by Mary van Coller

Downstream Dorset, River Tales and Local History is a colourful, easy-to-read journey of exploration and discovery along the many rivers and streams flowing through the beautiful county of Dorset.

For ease of navigation the author, Mary van Coller, has divided the book into sections – North Dorset, West Dorset, The Isle of Purbeck, Poole Harbour and East Dorset. Each chapter is devoted to one of the rivers, tributaries or streams that have brought life to the countryside and to the people who live there.

Starting at the source of the river the author follows the waterway to its mouth, showing the derivation of place names along its course and writing fascinating snippets about people and events both past and present.

The author has added a personal touch to the book by including her husband, Ryan, in anecdotes about their trips around Dorset. Together they have walked the hills and travelled the byways looking for springs and mouths of rivers. They have verified facts and stories and have taken many colour photographs that are beautiful and evocative. As the author is also a pet home boarder, different dogs have accompanied them and found their way into several of the photos!

The back cover review by Lady Fellowes who lives with her husband near the River Frome, describes Downstream Dorset as ‘an enchanting and extremely charming account of Dorset life. …. Julian and I have learned a huge amount …’

It is the author’s intention that Downstream Dorset will inspire readers to explore Dorset, chat to people who live locally and enjoy the beauty of nature so that they too can discover their own ‘treasures’. There are blank pages at the back of the book to record notes and reminders.

Also included in the book is a page with photographs describing the work of the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance as the author will be donating 20% of royalties to their vital service.

Clearly this has been a labour of love taking more than seven years to research and write but as Mary van Coller says on the page of Thanks – ‘What a joy it has been!’

Uncover the secrets of Dorset's waterways and embark on a captivating journey of exploration and appreciation for the beauty of nature and local history.

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