The Crew That Never Rests

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Most books about the fairy lore of Britain tend to focus on the Celtic parts of the country, but The Crew that Never Rests is mainly about the local legends and tales of the fairies as recorded in the counties of England. It features over thirty sections covering such subjects as fairy rings, captured fairies, church siting legends, fairy funerals, changelings, mines and caves, fairy children, hobs and robgoblins, equine fairies, Midsummer’s Eve, fairy treasure, ‘The Sweating Fairies’ and ‘The Broken Peel’ etc. and the book includes over 200 complete legends and tales about the Little People - of Cornish piskys, West Country pixies, Suffolk frairies, pharisees in Sussex and Hertfordshire, the fairies and brownies of northern counties, and other English fairy folk, as well as the Tylwyth Teg of Wales, and ‘the people of peace’ of Scotland, the Gentry of the Irish, and of the lutins in France, Germanic elves, and the trolls, tomtes, and elle-folk of Scandinavia. The book contains vintage illustrations, including colour plates. And there is also a little extra item tucked away at the back: “We’ll drink and dance like pharisees!” A Garland of Sussex Fairy Lore.

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Available as an eBook from Kindle Store