Done to Death in Derbyshire

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Dark History: Unraveling Derbyshire's True Crime Secrets

Delve into gripping tales of true crime with 'Done to Death in Derbyshire: Six Historic True Crime Stories' by Richard Litchfield. Following the success of his first title for Country Books, Litchfield here offers a further six chilling stories spanning 1873–1910. He has studied and researched murders for over twenty years, and tells these stories in fascinating, unflinching detail.

Matlock’s Chamberpot Murder - The Rev. Julius Benn (5th March 1883): Uncover the shocking tale involving a relative of Tony Wedgwood Benn MP and actress Margaret Rutherford.

The Derby Tragedy - Lilie Burford and Robery Feron (13th April 1889): A murder and a suicide unfolding on a train between Derby and Nottingham.

‘Where’s The Body?’ The Bradwell Mystery (30th April 1885): Witness the mysterious disappearance of John Massey's wife in Bradwell.

Killed for Threepence - John Massey (25th April 1910): Delve into the murder of a farmer in Dalbury.

Murder with a Penknife - Albert Robinson (2nd October 1880): Unearth the chilling details surrounding the murder of Eliza Robinson in Hadfield, Glossop.

The Handley Murder - Elizabeth Hudson (24th April 1873): Discover the tragic story of Elizabeth Hudson, murdered by her husband in Handley.

Author Richard Litchfield, with over two decades of murder studies, delivers these historic crime narratives with meticulous research and narrative flair. Each story in this book is a riveting journey into Derbyshire's darker past, offering readers an immersive experience into the mysteries and horrors of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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