High Pique

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The Sixth Buxton Spa Mystery. The Well-Dressings Festival, a highlight of the summer in Buxton Spa since 1841, was cancelled in the summer of 1915 because of the War. During the five years since the end of the War, the town has been divided between supporters and opponents of the festival. Each year, reasons have been put forward for postponing its revival. Although the focus of the festival is the blessing of the water in the wells, which is performed by the Vicar, some residents regard the event as dangerously close to the ancient rites intended to honour pagan gods and celebrate the spiritual power of water. This year’s decision has not yet been announced. A body is found on the site of an ancient Celtic temple beside the River Wye. That sets off a chain of events. The newly appointed Superintendent of Police is keen to make a name for himself as a detective, but loses the plot. Eleanor Harriman, a solicitor in her father’s firm of Harriman & Talbot, steps in and successfully unravels the strands, identifies the suspects, and solves the mystery.

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Celia Harwood








198 x 129mm


Neuf Neznoirs Limited